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Unibet provides a platform for sports betting, online casino, bingo, and online poker to over 11 million customers in over 100 countries. Unibet is a part of Kindred Group - an online gambling operator which consists of 11 brands along with Maria Casino, Stan James, 32Red, and iGame. Today, Unibet has over 1,500 employees and offices in Malta, London, New York, and Gibraltar among others. Unibet launched its first online website in 1999, launched a live betting service in 2003, and introduced a mobile site in 2004.

Unibet support staff has many complaints, waiting for a response on the chat or the phone can take a long time, according to a report published by Joseph Falchetti Editor-in-Chief on safestbettingsites.com

"Unibet’s support staff has been the subject of many complaints. They do offer 24/7 support through live chat, but players often complain about waiting for 15-20 minutes for a response. Phone lines are not 24/7 and have long wait times. Email responses can take more than 24 hours, which is subpar in today’s market. Their rating at Sportsbook Review is a C+. We don’t find this rating especially fair, considering they’re far safer than just about every American-facing sportsbook and most bookmakers worldwide. As always, SBR is a valuable resource, but their ratings often depend on who they are promoting, so their ratings and reviews should be taken with a grain of salt."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Nice people, maybe too nice"

Atención al cliente (Former Employee) says

"Interesante aprendí harto , empresa muy agradable con el personal"

N/A (Former Employee) says

"If your face dont fit you wont feel you belong. Horrible place to work at. You get treated as a slave and not as an employee."

Ex Employee (Former Employee) says

"Great if you are young, and single. Management is conflicted over how to get things done. Salary and work environment is good as they struggle with a high employee exit rate, and getting new people into gambling,"

Interviewed for a job (Former Employee) says

"I understand that the Swedish interviews are different from other countries, but should not the Hiring manager ask about your professional experience instead of your personal life? In top of that should not the recruiter make sure that she does not overbook? This was the worse interview that I ever had in my entire professional life. I think I was only asked 2 or 3 professional questions, the rest of the interview was about the Hiring manager's personal life (how she ended up in Sweden, how she met her husband etc.,), my personal life (how I ended up in Sweden, how I met my husband etc.) and then all about the corporation's benefits. And this manager informed me that she was looking for a "friend" and since I spoke the same native language than she did, this manager indicated that we could use it as our "secret language" I do not know how this corporation selects its employees but I can say that it is the first time that my personal life/the hiring manager's life are more important than my professional experience. It must be a Swedish thing!"

JamesM says

"Unibet are consistently breaching their license conditions set by UKGC preventing customers withdrawing funds by only requesting verification at point of withdrawal. This is a breach of license conditions and they can be subject to regulatory action by UKGC as a result. I’ve read many reviews on here and elsewhere where other people have experienced the same. If you are in the UK and Unibet have done this to you please report it to the UKGC, the more people that report this the more likely they will face sanctions and regulatory action. These conditions are set by UKGC to prevent casinos from only requesting verification at point of withdrawal when this should be done before you are even allowed to deposit. Report to UKGC at info @ gamblingcommission.gov.uk Please avoid Unibet and use more reputable sites who abide by their license conditions that are set to protect consumers."

Roy says

"Zodra je veel wint, willen ze je bankrekening controleren en dan gaat het mis. Ze blokkeren je account en houden ze je aan het lijntje. Zo lang, dat ik nu al meer dan een maand wacht op mijn geld. Ik ga een rechtzaak beginnen want ik krijg nog veel geld van hun. As soon as you win a lot, they want to ( verify ) check your bank account and then things go wrong. They block your account and keep you on hold. I am waiting so long , for my money for over a month now. I'll take them to the court ! Because I still get a lot of money from them."

Anonymous says

"I just spun 750 spins with no bonus.... Shameless fraud"

Sean Ali says

"Was rejected a account due to my age and potentially race. They suggested I was a risky customer due to my name and age. Disgusting a company in 2021 can still discriminate like this. From customer service : Thanks for waiting. It appears that the decision has been made by our security team that your account is to remain closed, without the option of reopening. I do apologise. Not all customers are eligible to have an account with us, and I am afraid they do not provide us with a reason as to why, as it may be due to Name, User age, address links etc"

Craig Smith says

"I understand it's the festive period but it's now been 7 days & still no sign of my uploaded proof of identity/financial source etc being approved following verification. Contacted them 5 times (including where they called me to inform it would be processed within next 24 hours) & yet still nothing. No other company has taken anywhere near this long in my experience."

Paul Coney says

"Asheur is nearly as funny as Wayne Mardle laughing 😂 at his own jokes.He comes on here with the usual backing up unibet when there is 100s of reviews from genuine people letting the public know just how rancid this so called bookmaker is.do not entertain these cowboys"

Jason Sen says

"Welcome offer is a **scam** Welcome offer is a **scam**. Read the small print: You must deposit £100 but then must bet £2500 in order to receive a £100 bonus. PLUS YOU CANNOT WITHDRAW YOUR DEPOSIT. According to Nicola at UNIBET: Nicola: The bet 25 x is accumulative Nicola: So you spend the £200 and before anything can be withdrawn you need to wager £2500 IF YOU FALL FOR THE OFFER YOU CANNOT WITHDRAW YOUR DEPOSIT: Jason: If I deposit £100 now & decide not to use it can I withdraw immediately? Nicola: You have to wager all deposits 1 x Jason Jason: so once I deposit you keep the money? I cannot withdraw? Nicola: You would need to wager this 1 x Jason Jason: I need a yes or a no please. I do not understand Jason: once I deposit you keep the money? I cannot withdraw? Nicola failed to answer. UNBELIEVABLE!!! I will be reporting this to the Gibraltar financial services commission."

Anna says

"Do not use this site never never never they here to rob you. When you deposit they don't ask you anything.but when it's time for withdrawal they will ask you some stupid documents.for example hold credit card to near near to your face I mean cammone . Please stay away from this ."

Marta Sontowska says

"1 star is far too much for that casino. Not recommending this casino.Scammers in general.while you will play game will catch an error every time you may have a chance for bonus and what's most annoying is that refreshing isn't possible as u will get on screen message that u not logged in. Going back to lobby surprise u logged in without a doubt. I regret to start playing on that site."

Benediktas Zvilaitis says

"I've been playing with unibet couple of years. My account was fully verified. On 23rd of December 2020 Unibet asked to verify my ID and address again. It was strange but I uploaded all documents they asked (it was very weird ones too like ID next to face, postal statement next to face etc.) after long wait of 70 hours to get verified my account was closed without any explanation and 240+ gbp inside the account was scammed. Why do I say scammed? Because I spoke to live chat and they said I won't get back my money back as they are winnings. However it was not winnings as I deposited more than withdrew. Case has been raised to Ecogra. Stay away from these Unibet scammers."

AdriVerst says

"Started the verification process 4 weeks ago. Uploaded the documents and after a week still no verification whilst their site says: usually 48 hours, can take up to 5 working days. So I contacted support and they told me that there was a queue so it would take a little longer. Finally after two weeks I had to provide new documents. Okay no problem, provided new documents and asked support if they could have a look to see if everything is in order. They told me it was all in order and there security department will have a look at it. Assuming that the process already started the documents would be reviewed sooner. Contacted support again after a week and they told me to wait another 5 working days! So again I had to wait a total of two weeks to get reviewed.in Today I logged my account and saw that a document was rejected because it wasn’t readable. How do you mean not readable? Is it me or didn’t I ask support when I uploaded the documents two weeks ago to have a look at it..? So again uploaded the requested document and contacted support to tell them I’m not going to wait another 14 days for another review, because I’ve asked support two weeks ago if the documents were okay for verification. It felt to me that they flipped the bird and told me to wait again another 14 days for the new review. Bravo to you Unibet. If support told me back then document wasn’t readable I could have uploaded a new one. Now I’ll be waiting a total of 6 weeks to get verified if everything is in order, but believe me there will be probably something else that needs to verified..."

Sharon uhlenkamp says


orsim says

"I wrote earlier my complaint about unibet. Now they have completely blocked my account with 6700 EUR, they want to steal my money. I'm already contact with ecogra, I hope they will help me to get my money."

Seth Roger says


Freigeist says

"They decide in their favor, even if the facts say something else. And their T&C is sh1tty"

Shane Kelly says

"1 star at least especially for a loyal customer bad service, and also bets dont establish rules etc rude stuff especially shannon on web chat. Gutted as wasted aload of my money on this site"

C Stone says

"If you take out the bonus (£40 for £10) be aware that the small print says you won’t receive it for numerous reasons, including paying by credit cards or PayPal"

Adrian says

"they do not reward loyal customers, you cannot win anything from the bonuses, 5% boost gives you a sport haha time to stop using their website and start in another bookmaker company I WILL NOT COME BACK TO YOU"

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